He that trusteth in his riches shall fall; but the righteous shall flourish as a branch. – Prov.11:28.

There is the need for us to know that whatever God does, He does it with a purpose.  It is also important to understand that everything about God is excellent and perfect.  If we could just endeavour to receive the promises of God and determine to observe to do the covenant details attached to them, then the possibility of fulfilling God’s purpose here on earth would be a reality.  It is crystal clear from the scripture that the will of God is for the righteous to flourish.

What does the word flourish mean?  It means to blossom: to grow luxuriantly: to thrive: to be in full vigour: to be prosperous:.. In the mouth of two or three witnesses every word may be established the scriptures said (Matt.18:16).  Our God is a good God who has good plans for His own.  Therefore believe from the outset that God wants you to blossom both in His house (the kingdom) and in the work of your hand.  His plan also is for you to grow not only physically but in all other areas of life.  Determine to grow spiritually – in grace, the word, anointing, favour, knowledge and wisdom.  If you are in Christ Jesus, His blood has made you righteous having been cleansed from your sins.  Being righteous then, flourishing is your portion.  Do not settle for the less and do not let any devil or man talk you out of your inheritance.  You shall flourish in Jesus name.

The righteous shall flourish like the palm tree: he shall grow like

a cedar in Lebanon” Psa. 92:12

When God declared this He had on His mind, a flourishing that affects man’s spirit, soul and body.  We have a lot to say about the palm tree in terms of usefulness, stability, uprightness, beauty and greenness.  It is an evergreen tree; dry season does not affect it.  It is symbolic of perseverance, servant-hood, maximisation of potentials coupled with integrity and inner beauty which is godly character. There should be no rest until the life of a believer in the Lord Jesus Christ evidences these qualities.  We are not to settle for the less but aspire to reach unto the optimum level that God has for us.  Greenness stands for prosperity and that means to be prosperous in your spirit, soul and body.  Whatever you allow to sap your spiritual stamina will make the devil to rob you of greenness in your soul and body.  “Beloved, I wish above all things that thou mayest prosper and be in health, even as thy soul prospereth” 3 John :2.

Therefore, develop your spirit through prayer and the word of God.  To be ‘green’ also means to be financially healthy.  May the grace of God for abundance come upon you.  To be financially blessed in abundance is not a sin.  Money is a servant to fulfil God’s purpose.  It must never become a god to worship.  When God sees that whatever He gives to you can easily be released for His purpose whenever He needs it (so as to bless you the more), then you are set for a true prosperity.  Having opened your eyes to the dimensions of God’s intension for your flourishing, it is important to know the divine connection that makes it happen without struggles.  “…But the righteous shall flourish as a branch.” – Prov.11:28b.

Jesus is the true vine, while we are branches.  Jesus is our Source who produces the fruits.  We are only privileged to bear what He produces.  This however cannot happen except we abide in Him and He abides in us.  Psa.92:13 vividly shows us an environment for flourishing.

  • You must be planted. This stands for stability, constancy and consistency come rain come sunshine you are there serving your God because from Him you find life.
  • You are not just to be planted, you must be known with the House of God (the Body of Christ) and a house of God which stands for a local assembly. Find the place by the leading of the Spirit and submit to the leadership that God ordains there.  Serve God unreservedly and your flourishing will soon appear in Jesus’ name.


You are to be glued to your source of life, and see to it that you receive nutrient from Him daily.  Be grounded and rooted in Christ and let His words dwell in you richly.  All He did was done because of us.  His suffering was for our victory, His poverty for our prosperity, His death for our resurrection; His trial is now our triumph.  You have dominion over all the works of the devil, the works of the flesh and the power of darkness.  Jesus is the root of Jesse – Romans 15:12.  He is the rod out of the stem of Jesse. – Isa.11:1.  Jesus is the true Vine – John 15:1.  Believers in Christ Jesus are the branches – John 15:5.


As a branch then, a responsibility is placed on you to know your part in the whole lump.  We are the tree of righteousness, planted of God.  We live through the life of Jesus.  Jesus is Light, Jesus is Life, Jesus is Victory, Jesus is Peace, Jesus is Wisdom…, Jesus is Abundance.

As a branch go and manifest Him!!!


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