The Books by Bishop Matthew Olubusuyi


“Blessed be the lord, who daily loads us with benefits. The God of our salvation! Psalm 68:19
Like the butterfly basking in the newness of the day; looking forward to an exciting experience, God wants you to rejoice in your day as you enjoy His manifold benefits. God has a schedule for each day of your life even before you were born. You therefore, have the responsibility to meet the divine expectations as you make the most of your day.
In this book-based on an indepth expository teaching on Psalm 139:16 you will discover:
How God sees you through Christ Jesus and what you can become and do for God
How to go through your day with a joyous expectation of a rewarding experience of what heaven has recorded about you.
How to take responsibility to appropriate and maximize God’s benefit each day for success and victory in a world that is full of failures and disappointments.
God has purposed to carry you through each day of your life as you are determined to know and do His will; continually rejoicing in the newness of His mercy, goodness and victory for each day. Making your day count is the central message of this book.

Becoming a champion is not by confession but by a process. The mind that has been conditioned to failure, fear, and frustrations needs to be renewed.
A transformation must take place by the visitation of God and His word, for the giant in life of God’s instrument to arise. You cannot carry a mentality of failure around and expect success at the same time. There has to be a change. Until there is a change, nothing changes and this change must start from within you. If you are a failure on the inside you can never arrive on the outside a success. Something must change on your inside. Reading this book will prepare you for God’s move.



Life is too short to be spent on triviality. Your life must count for now and eternity. You are here for a purpose that had been in the mind of God ever before your arrival here on earth. You are to discover this purpose and waste no time to fulfill it.
This book is written to show you the vital keys that will help you run and obtain in this life and in eternity to come.






A man who fails in the place of prayer has failed in everything! Prayer is the foundation of every good success; and, whenever prayer ceases, heaven closes. There is scarcity of miracle because there is shortage of prayer. Nothing is impossible when the right prayer is in place.
In this classic, Matthew Ayoola Olubusuyi emphasized the importance of the word-based prayer; why the prayers of many are not answered; how to secure heaven’s attention….
God want to hear you always, even in the day of trouble but anyone who fails to pray in the day of trouble may die in his or her struggles!
Get set not only to read this book but also to be moved to pray. Friend, it is time to pray!




Faith is the power that connects you with the act of God for the miraculous. Everyone needs God’s supernatural intervention in their lives. We need the intervening hands of God in our homes, businesses, family, body, finances and every other facet of our lives. In this book, Bishop Matthew Ayoola Olubusuyi shows us the anatomy of biblical faith that never fails to receive from God. Get ready for a life-changing experience through the force of faith as you read the book.






Empowered to Pray, Established in Victory.
This is the theme of this book.
Presented as an in-depth expository teaching on the biblical account of the experience of our Lord Jesus Christ  in the garden of Gethsemane.,
Matthew Ayoola Olubusuyi discusses
The principles: of victorious praying
How to make “Gethsemane decisions” – decisions in the dark times of life.
How to stay spiritually awake and discerning, doing the will of God in this turbulent end time
How to bear Gods burden and yoke and remain relevant in Gods agenda
How to fight the good fight and enter into the rest of victory in Christ Jesus.
The truth and principles of God’s word expounded in this book will empower and establish you for victory towards experiencing the fullness of God’s purpose for your life.


This book written by Rev. (Mrs.) Elizabeth I. Olubusuyi is a daily capsule and tonic prepared through God’s word to nourish and nurture people who are carrying destinies and nations within them.
Read it daily meditatively, confess it passionately and believe it in your heart as you watch God brings His word to pass in your life.
Your expectations shall not be cut off in Jesus’ name. Amen





In the journey of life towards our God-given destination, there are challenges to overcome and opportunities for progres
s. It is especially critical as we move from one phase of life to the other at the Threshold Of Destiny….
Four key biblical principles: divine presence, divine deliverance, divine favour and unusual wisdom are examined through in-depth expository teaching in this book. You will discover how to enter into your destiny in God without fainting, failing or falling At the Threshold of Destiny.