I am David the son of Jesse, a loyal Israelite from Bethlehem. 1 Samuel 17:57-58 CEV


It is pertinent for us to know that whatever we do whether good or bad, does not showcase us only but it definitely connects to our families, parents and our communities.

David was not ashamed of his origin. He was proud of his parent. They might not have been popular or rich as others but they were his parents. What a joy to have a son who has just performed a monumental feat in the nation, by killing the man Goliath who had tormented the whole national army of Israel, many times in 40 days.

More so, when a demand was made to know his identity, he boldly declared the son of whom he was: David, the son of Jesse, he affirmed.

Our youths have no excuse today to do contrary to the above. David was not favoured by his father when an opportunity for greatness showed up in the family. His father did not suggest or present him for the kingly anointing on the day Prophet Samuel visited their family. All his seven senior ones were rejected by the Lord, yet the father didn’t deem it fit to slot in the name of David for a trial. Until Samuel asked if there was any one left in the family, no one mentioned David in the whole scenario. Invariably, he became God’s choice at the end of the visit, after he was brought down from the back of the desert where he was tending the sheep. All this happened before God allowed him to face Goliath and won victory for the land. In all these, David did not become bitter, restless or aggressive. He was not rude, but remained submissive to the authority of his parents. He turned every adversity to advantage. The desert experience became an opportunity to seek God and fellowship with Him. He composed many Psalms which are still a source of comfort to us today. He developed his prophetic ministry, musical and leadership skills in a season that looked adverse.

Through what looked like a death mission at the back of the desert, by the help of God, David was able to develop faith, boldness and integrity. He was loyal to the sheep to the point of death. This attitude was demonstrated again when he saw how the sheep of God, that is, the Israelites were being harassed by Goliath of the Philistines.

Are you in the same situation like David today? Stop complaining, God has just created an opportunity for your potential to find expression. Think, act and grow.

As a believer in Christ Jesus, you are not just a child of a mortal man, you are a child of the Living God. You were created to show forth His glory. You are not to bring shame to the name of the Lord but rather to bring glory to His name. Be conscious of this and trust God to use you to be (or bring) a positive change wherever you find yourself.


Our nation does not need those who are just loyal to their family, tribe, clan, or ethnic group alone. We need people who have grown beyond these mediocre level and are loyal to their nation. This attitude could be attested to if we patiently look into the family of Jesse. About four of his children were in the army. He was even supporting them on the battle field, not leaving the government to do everything. The last born was not spared either, he was released to go and supply food to the ones on the battle field.

Jesse saw his nation as Gods project which must be supported and defended. It must never scatter. It must never be destroyed. The nation must never be enslaved. He was not only fighting for today but for the future of the nation as well.

Jesse saw the enemies of the nation as the enemies of God and the enemies of God automatically became his own enemies too. His loyalty robbed off on his children, thus they enlisted in the army to defend the territory of God’s project, possibly by laying down their lives.

David was not left behind. When the opportunity presented itself, he acted the same way while depending on the strength of the God of Israel to conquer.

Jesse was a leader at home producing leaders for the public. Later they announced his name where he could not get to, thus they won together.

We are in a generation where the word loyalty, commitment, dedication are fast becoming old fashioned vocabulary.

Every father and mother are expected to demonstrate their loyalty to their nation. Love your country. Be responsible and take responsibility to train your children in the way of God. Let your children also see your commitment to your nation as you pray for the nation and obey the law of the land.

You are not loyal when all you do is to smuggle into the nation the forbidding goods. You are not loyal when you are diverting what the nation ought to have into your own pocket or to another country. Where is your loyalty when you deliberately create artificial scarcity of products in the nation thereby drawing the masses into untold hardship and suffering? You are not loyal to your nation when all you have as your mindset is to steal the nation’s money and wealth, or when you become a fifth column in the system of our government in other to bring it down. You cannot be putting your parochial interest such as your tribe, group, political party or religion above God’s project for the nation which are fairness, justice, peace, and unity and still claim to be loyal. Be a part of the builders. Let’s think beyond the present. Let’s all see to how things will work well, and create a better future for the coming generations. Be a loyal and patriotic citizen of your country


Loyalty to the nation does not mean an extinction of your tribe. Your national commitment and loyalty become a platform of honour to your tribe, city, town or village. This is how we can lay good legacies for others. When you do well and serve well, you have made God proud, made your nation proud and distinguished your tribe among many. Know that you will not stay here forever. You won’t even occupy whatever position you are in presently, forever. Others have come and gone. Thank God for His favour, that has brought you to your present level. Fame, honour, power, high level position and wealth seem to have come now. Learn to remember the Lord your God and walk in His fear.

We don’t have a continuous city, position or permanency of anything here. A day of reckoning is coming when men will give account of all they have done while on earth. Serve selflessly, fight selflessly. Defend the poor. Be a voice to the fatherless, widows and the voiceless in the society.

Be committed to God. Come to Jesus the Savior. Apart from Him we can do nothing. He is the epitome of loyalty. He was loyal to the Father when he came to the earth to set us free from the pangs of sin, death and the devil. He laid down His life by dying on the cross for our sins. Buried but rose triumphantly on the third day, never to die again. In Him we now find life. And as we follow Him, we are daily being transformed into His image. He said in John 10:10b “…I am come that they might have life and have it more abundantly.” He came to give, it is the devil who came to steal, kill and destroy. God wants to be your Father and the source of everything for you including life. But Jesus is the way to the Father, if you believe on Him you will not perish but have everlasting life. Take that step today by giving your life to Jesus. He will forgive you and cleanse you from your sins and give you eternal life. You will begin to live according to God’s purpose here on earth and at the end to be with Him in heaven.

“Jesus answered and said unto him, Verily, verily, I say unto thee, except a man be born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God”. John 3:3. KJV.

“Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me”. John 14:6. KJV.


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