Ministry Operations

Ministry Operations


The operational focus of the Ministry contains the acronyms for SPREAD as spelt out below.

S –   Saturated Church Planting: Within our city, other cities of the federation and the globe as God opens the door.

P –   Publication: Focus and purposeful engagement on our book publishing and other publications in other to spread the Word.

R –   Revival: Through personal commitment to prayer and the study of the Word and mobilizing believers for the same.

E –   Education Mandate: We are committed to raising godly children strong spiritually, excelling morally and intellectually. Developing a total person from crèche to higher educational level. These we take with utmost attention and focus. Seeing this mandate as an avenue to catch them young for Christ.

A –   Air-network: Radio and TV mandate with excellence and continuous improvement, taking advantage of social media to reach the world.

D –   Discipleship and Leadership Training: 2 Tim. 2:1-2.

We appreciate your prayer, support and involvement in making this vision a reality in advancing the Kingdom of God.

See our Contact for further enquiry. God bless you.