Past Events

Past Events

Dec 1 – 8, 2021


  As this Year 2021 is winding up, God will give you new song to sing. (Bi odun 2021 yi se n lo sopin, Olorun yi o fun o lorin titun ko.) Join brethren at this year““  s HOREB CONVENTION 2021. Theme: UNLIMITED GOD. God is ready to LIFT you, SURPRISE you in UNLIMITED WAYS. (Darapo mo awon eniyan ti ao jo ke pe Olorun ni bi Ipejopo HOREBU ODUN 2021. Eyi ti a pe akole re ni OLORUN TI…
Nov 6 – 7, 2021


This event will be impactful The ministration will be powerful of the word of God There shall be Panel Discussion Empowerment Workshops Health Talk and Presentation of Empowerment Gifts. Make it a date to be there.