Testimony Form

    Bro A.

    Divine Healing I give glory to God for healing me of Asthma. This is an ailment I’ve been battling with since I was very young. I prayed to God for total healing during Horeb 2018 convention, and He did it. Jehovah has saved me entirely from the embarrassments I get from the frequent bouts of intense coughing. I’m glad that I am now completely free of Asthma. Halleluyah! Bro A.

    Sister O.

    Saved from a fire accident Psalm 107 verse 2 says, “let the redeemed of the Lord say so, whom He has redeemed from the hand of the enemy.” I want to bless the name of the Lord for saving me from a terrible fire accident. The vehicle I boarded caught fire all of a sudden while on motion, but I thank God that we all escaped unscathed. I bless His holy name for preserving my life. Hallelujah! Sister O.

    Pastor B.

    Divine intervention Sometimes in December last year, I asked God for a change in my scorecard. Daddy Olubusuyi instructed us to write down the things we want from God, and I did. I wrote out my preferred score and believed God entirely for it. To my utmost amazement, when the mark was released, I hit my target, and God even added a few extra points. All glory ascribed to His holy name. Thank you, Jesus. Pastor B.

    Sister A.

    Divine grace for godly living I’m excited and grateful to God for establishing holiness, righteousness and godliness in my life since I’ve been a member of this church. For a while now, I’ve been praying to God for the grace to live a godly life, and since I’ve been attending bible study meetings and listening to the word of God, my life has changed. I’ve been experiencing this immense strength for godliness. I bless the name of the Lord. Sister…

    Mrs O.

    Divine assistance My husband was awarded a contract by the local government some years ago. We faced a lot of obstacles actualizing this project, but God came through. Despite having no connections, the path was made smooth for us. God caused our enemies to repent and work with us. Despite having little or no funds to carry on with the project, God came through for us financially. To the glory of God, the project has been completed and commissioned. Hallelujah!!…

    Bro N.

    Deliverance from the power of debt I give glory to God almighty for clearing and removing debt from my life.  In August 2017, Daddy declared the month as a month of grace. Miraculously God brought back arrears of several years, which I was able to use to clear the overwhelming debts. Although I didn’t know how I got myself into the massive debt, God helped me out. All glory to God. Hallelujah! Bro N.